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Surprise Your Muscle

Even Arnold Schwarzenegger said that one has to surprise the muscle. It is absolutely true! If you go to gym 5-6 times a week, in a fortnight your body will get used to the set of exercises and there will be no more desired effect. Sometimes, it is enough at least to change the position of your body when you are doing exercises, add some more weight or even amend the sequence of movements.

My choice was to have different workouts every day of the week I go to the gym. And in order to surprise my muscle even more, I almost never have the same sequence or exactly the same set of exercises as the previous week. Thanks YouTube and Google, there are thousands of different videos and articles that can diversify the set of physical activities in the gym. (if you are lucky enough to have a Windows Phone, you can download a wonderful WorkOut app that will provide you with various types of workouts)The only that never changes is my Cardio! At least 20-30-40 minutes of cardio for warming up and starting up metabolism.

Here is a video from which I include a lot of parts into my gym routine. It is 22 minutes long but it is very intensive. That is why it is good to include at least 4-5 types of the sets offered in that video and start using them in the workout routine.


How to keep yourself motivated.

Buy new clothes for workout

It is so pleasant to workout in new clothes or with new items. For Christmas I asked Santa for new Nike Air. Believe it or not I was looking forward to finally going to the gym to test them! It was great experience! I would like to repeat it.

Smell nice

I always use my favorite perfume to enjoy it while I am running or lifting weights

Have diverse workout programs

Doesn’t matter how much you like working out but if it always cardio or always the same weights, it is just so BORING. Rotate! Combine! No mood for running, use bicycle, no mood for bicycle, do weights… the most important not to skip, especially within the first 4 weeks. Scientists say, that it takes 4 weeks to fall into a habit! And there is nothing better than a habit to workout!

Deceive yourself

If you can’t make yourself go to the gym just promise yourself that you will do an easy and short session and then will be back home to your cozy sofa. In 80% you will end up doing a proper session. And even if not…well, at least you are still contributing to falling into a habit.

Tips to avoid overeating during holidays

Don’t skip meals. Many people believe that if they skip breakfast or lunch, they can save all those calories for the holiday party that night. That sounds like a good idea, but skipping meals can make you crabby and tired and maybe lead to a headache that just might ruin your evening festivities.

Plus, when you are really hungry and surrounded by high-calorie holiday treats, you may turn into a raving eating-machine and consume many more calories than the ones you skipped earlier in the day.

Eat small meals. Eat a bowl of whole grain cereal and low-fat milk for breakfast, a mid-morning snack of raisins and nuts, followed by a healthy lunch with a bigsalad or a sandwich made with whole grain bread will keep your body and your brain fueled throughout the day.

Eat high-fiber foods before the party. When you have a party to attend, snack on some fiber-filled foods just before you go. Fiber helps you to feel full, and if you aren’t feeling so hungry, you might not eat so much at the party. Choose foods like low-calorie vegetables, a small salad, a piece of fresh fruit, or a small bowl of oatmeal.

Eat small amounts of the foods you love. No one wants to feel deprived, so go ahead and take a small piece of pie or one cookie — but not both. Look over the buffet or the serving table, and pick out one thing that you really would love to enjoy. The rest of your plate can be filled with healthy vegetables and fruits, whole grain crackers, cheese and lean meats.