How to keep yourself motivated.

Buy new clothes for workout

It is so pleasant to workout in new clothes or with new items. For Christmas I asked Santa for new Nike Air. Believe it or not I was looking forward to finally going to the gym to test them! It was great experience! I would like to repeat it.

Smell nice

I always use my favorite perfume to enjoy it while I am running or lifting weights

Have diverse workout programs

Doesn’t matter how much you like working out but if it always cardio or always the same weights, it is just so BORING. Rotate! Combine! No mood for running, use bicycle, no mood for bicycle, do weights… the most important not to skip, especially within the first 4 weeks. Scientists say, that it takes 4 weeks to fall into a habit! And there is nothing better than a habit to workout!

Deceive yourself

If you can’t make yourself go to the gym just promise yourself that you will do an easy and short session and then will be back home to your cozy sofa. In 80% you will end up doing a proper session. And even if not…well, at least you are still contributing to falling into a habit.


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